What is Palliative Massage?

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Palliative massage can be performed through many avenues, whether through home health services, by a massage therapist, through hospice, or in the comfort of the patient’s home, within a massage chair that potentially is covered by insurance. All of these methods hold the privacy and dignity of those cared for with the highest regard kept […]

How to Relieve Tension Headaches Naturally

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As students face increasingly more challenges today, possibly more than we’ve seen in a while, tension headaches could be a side effect. Additionally, the rapid changes in technology and the impact of stress on the brain could cause more types of pain than ever before. The highest rates of tension headaches occur in people between […]

Does massage therapy help chemo-induced neuropathy?

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Unless you have had cancer, you know someone who has, or you work in oncology, there is little information out there regarding chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN).  Short-and long-term toxicity of platinum compounds and toxins (chemicals in chemotherapy) include the “recipe” for the development of CIPN, for which there are limited options for symptomatic relief. Although […]