Elder Care

What Are the Benefits of Senior Home Care?

In-home care is a stellar resource for both seniors and their family members. Senior home care provides professional service to older adults with individualized assistance. It allows seniors to stay in their own homes as they age instead of moving to a long-term care facility. Here are the top benefits.

      1. It allows seniors to stay at home

Did you know that nearly 90 percent of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age? They desire the ability to live under their own rules. And that makes sense! After living independently for the majority of their lives, why would they want to cede their autonomy? One of the biggest benefits of senior home care is that they’re able to remain in their current living environment and have help come to them. No change of circumstance necessary!

     2. It promotes personalized care

Yet just because a senior is staying at home doesn’t mean that they can’t receive the care that they need. Senior home care is personalized care. It’s all of the following:

  • Individualized
  • Specialized
  • Comfortable
  • 24-hour (if necessary)

When an aide comes to their house, they’re able to receive care that’s been personalized to them and their needs.

     3. It enables peace of mind for loved ones

If you know and love a senior in your life, there’s a good chance you worry about what’s happening to them while they’re living alone. Fortunately, senior home care allows you to make sure they receive the assistance they need. The best way to ensure your peace of mind is to hire a professional aide for your parent, grandparent, neighbor, etc. to provide the range of care that’s necessary. Because this type of care can be individualized, your loved one can receive as much or as little help as they need

    4. It improves quality of life

Senior home care allows a burden to be lifted. Whether the senior was struggling with daily tasks alone or family members were filling the role of caregiver, this service can help to eliminate struggles and help everyone feel more relaxed. It’ll help the senior in question feel confident that they can handle everyday tasks and enable their loved ones to feel relaxed and comforted that their quality of life is improved.

      5. It keeps seniors enjoying life

Did you know that the happiest retirees are those that engage in 3-4 activities regularly? Seniors have grown accustomed to spending time at home over the years. They have their own routines that shouldn’t be interrupted if at all possible. Does your grandpa love gardening? Does your grandma enjoy going for walks with her dog around the blog? Keeping them in their home to do these activities with the help of senior home care will keep them enjoying life.

      6. It saves money

Money is often a big factor for people at the end of their lives. The good news is that senior home care is often much more affordable than a retirement home. Instead of changing your loved one’s entire living situation, hire an in-home caregiver for several hours a week. This is a cost-effective alternative for almost all seniors (even those with more extensive needs!).

      7. It promotes socialization

One of the primary arguments for retirement homes is the ability to socialize with other seniors. However, those who opt for senior home care also have the opportunity to socialize. Seniors with in-home care spend extensive time with their professional caregivers. They are often paired with the same caregiver, which allows them to foster a new friendship and socialize regularly. Whether they’re doing puzzles, gardening, taking walks, cooking, or performing daily tasks, these are awesome opportunities to build a friendship.

If you find that your loved one needs companionship, then senior home care may be the perfect solution. Even if it’s just a few hours a week or minor assistance with daily household tasks, in-home care allows a senior to maintain their independent living while increasing their socialization.

       8. It frees up family members

Caregiving can be exhausting, and oftentimes family members fall into the role without meaning to. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your caregiving responsibilities, it may be time to hire in-home help to replace you. You can still be present as a supportive loved one without taking on all the caregiving tasks.

Final thoughts

Senior home care is a professional service that allows seniors and their families countless benefits as they age. Consider whether this is the right option for you or your loved one today.